Stainless Steel Countertop

Learn the different styles and materials available for your custom stainless steel countertop.

There are many different types and styles to consider for a stainless steel countertop. Here is a look at a few different styles for your kitchen.

Stainless steel sink

If your countertop needs a sink we also make stainless steel sinks that can be welded and polished into the countertop, or you can also have a drop in sink.


  • Stainless steel: This is a very attractive material and will last the tests of time.
  • Copper: Copper gives a nice rustic look. Copper is soft and can dent easily. There are different styles for a copper countertop, one is called antique. Antiquing copper is when the copper is hammered and treated with a chemical that makes it look aged.
  • Galvanized: This is not recommended for food preparation. Galvanized gives a rustic look and looks good with barn wood. This is also a good material for a work table for your garage or laundryroom.

There are different shapes for countertops here are just a few.

Straight countertop

L-shaped countertop

U-shaped countertop

45 inside corner

The L-shaped countertop and u- shaped countertop can have a 45 inside corner.

Front edges of countertops.

here is a look at some available front edges.

Countertops front edges.

Back splash on countertops.

Here is a look at some available back splashes.

Countertops Back Splash